I'm v1n1v131r4

Security Researcher, Pentester and Professor.



Vinícius Vieira (aka. v1n1v131r4) is a Cyber Security Researcher and Pentester with over 16 years of experience. He is Professor and Coordinator on Cybersecurity courses (MBA and Degree) at FIAP (Brazil), a Cyber War Specialist, OSCP, CEH, LPIC, Exploit Writer and has some CVE's published.

Is DEFCON RedTeam Village Member, DEFCON Group DC5551 Staff Member (@defconpoa), HINAC (Hacking is NOT a crime) Advocate, Machine creator on VulnHub, guest writer on PenTest Magazine and offensive security course author on Udemy.


Graduated in Computer Network

Graduated in Information Technology Management

Postgraduate in Ethical Hacking and Cybersecurity

Especialist in Cyber Warfare

Master Degree in Emergenty Technology

Offensive Security Certified Professional (OSCP)

Certified Ethical Hacking (CEHv7)

Linux Professional Intitute Certified (LPIC2)

Fundamentals of Incident Handling (FIH)

Advanced Incident Handling for Technical Staff (AFH)

CCNA Security

DevOps Essentials

Data Center Technical Specialist (Novell)

OSCP FIAP DC5551 RedTeam Village Hacking is NOT a crime